A Biblical Reflection of Emotional Health

The Pixar movie Inside Out (2015) follows the emotions and experiences of 11-year-old Riley as her family goes through the transition of moving from Minnesota to San Francisco. The film provides a framework to have important discussions with families or other social connections about faith and emotions.

This discussion guide can be used as you see fit in your context. You do not have to follow the questions exactly or engage in every section. Rather, it is a tool available for you to encourage natural conversations about emotional health and faith. Together we can reflect and learn how to process emotions, so we can live a full life in community.

Family Guide

It’s not always easy or comfortable to name and discuss our emotions, but it is an important part of cherishing God’s gifts and nurturing our well-being. This family discussion guide helps create a safe space for discussing and exploring feelings we all experience – joy, anger, sadness, fear and disgust. It invites participants of all ages to connect their real-life experiences to Riley’s experiences in the film.
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Group Guide

The group section outlines weekly discussions and includes sections on community building, scripture reference, recommended movie clip(s), reflection, guiding questions, at home spiritual practices, closing remarks and prayer. We recommend watching the movie together as a group prior to starting the discussion. Once you complete this study, you might also take it a step further in your community through a sermon series or larger group gathering.

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