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5 Cups of Coffee


Simple and practical discussion starters for asking questions about calling and discipleship for use with youth through adults.


Sermon Series Materials



How are you using 5 Cups of Coffee?

"After coming home from Annual Conference and receiving the template for 5 Cups of Coffee, we made bookmarks, 1 cup of coffee at a time. On the back of some there would also be a Wesley Christian Conference Question that went along with the cup of coffee.

Then at monthly council meetings, 1 cup at a time, starting in July ending in November, we break off into groups of 2-3 and discuss the questions on the cup of coffee bookmark. Coming back together after 10 minutes to do whole group discussion.

The following Sunday in adult classes the same procedure is done. We should have our 5th cup of coffee before Advent. We are planning to start Advent off with the whole card of coffee being given to the whole congregation. Then the congregation and leadership can work together in discussion. With having a 5 week sermon series, it may be possible for us to do the sermon series through Advent into the New Year. Possibly enhancing our congregation into discussion with a New Year's resolution that is attainable. We used some of the suggestions from Small Group Leadership Workshop in August for our Nominations team to identify new leaders.Thank You for your service and resources!" - Sheryl Klatt, Jefferson Avenue UMC

"Our lay leader Dorothy Tapscott is also our stewardship chair, and she decided to use the 5 Cups of Coffee for her campaign this year. As I had planned a series on Jesus’ “I AM” sayings, we decided to use this opportunity to weave the stewardship campaign into our service through a testimony from a church member as well as the sermons throughout the campaign."
  • GOD - Presence Message: I AM the True Vine 
  • GIFTS - Gifts Message: I AM the Light of the World 
  • PASSION - Service Message: I AM the Good Shepherd
  • SPIRITUAL GROWTH - Witness Message: I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life
  • OPPORTUNITIES - Prayers Message: I AM the Resurrection and the Life 
- Karen Tutak, Mount Washington UMC

"I recently used this as a part of a sermon series. It was setup to help us understand our vision going forward as a church. I used it to tell our story as a church, and how the folks we have there got to be there, and then talked about how these conversations help us go forward into our community. They will come back again after the new year when we start working on a new vision for our church's role in our community. " - John Pinkston, Marceline UMC

"We have taken 5 Cups of Coffee “to Steak & Shake and it started with 10 men and we been as high as 12 men. We run 7-11 men. The topic is great as being more open and the study is great.” The group has moved on to other topics of study and is considering missional activity." - Larry Johnson, Branson UMC

" March 2019 has five weeks, and Neosho UMC will be offering a new sermon series - each week corresponding with a cup of coffee." - Mitch Jarvis, Neosho UMC

"The ladies at my church have begun using the Five Cups of Coffee to get to know each other and understand each others talents. The experience has been good so far, and we have been coming up with really awesome ideas to build up the youth department." - Geneva Sims, Taylor Chapel UMC