Race and Culture



Why Work on Race and Culture?

The Missouri Conference wants to become a brave, empowering place for people from diverse cultures and generations so that we can become a Church for all God’s people.

We seek to do this by equipping Conference leaders and local churches for multicultural leadership, cross-cultural connection and healing justice.


The recommendations in this report exist to further three central changes needed for the Missouri Annual Conference to thrive as a network and community that is pursuing healthy ethnic diversity, multicultural ministry and consistent and intentional efforts in dismantling racism within our networks.

1. Cultivate welcoming environments at Conference and congregational levels by providing training in cultural awareness and resources for Conference staff and local congregations. 

2. Facilitate courageous conversations regarding the dismantling of racist theologies and practices within our midst. 

3. Initiate and activate change in policies, practices, networking and recruiting strategies to allow for greater ethnic and cultural representation at the highest levels of leadership.



1. Build awareness around the concept of the Beloved Community and equip United Methodists in Missouri for intergenerational conversations on bias, racial justice and Jesus’s understanding of loving God and neighbor.

2. Build appreciation for the diversity of the Conference by sharing Black and Brown people’s stories and encounters with racism, as well as hopes and ideas for combating it.

3. Assess Conference attitudes around bias, culture, race and privilege to create a baseline for how the Conference is doing related to diversity and inclusion.


4. Build a Conference-wide training plan for clergy and laity in the areas of intercultural competency, implicit bias, microaggressions and cultural blind spots.

5. Make diversity an integral part of the Missouri Conference mission, vision and expectations.


6. Develop processes for the recruitment of leaders that demonstrates a high value on diversity and inclusion.


7. Prioritize diversity for Conference staff and the organization of Conference work.

8. Develop equity plans across Conference-funding arrangements.


  • January 2021 – Episcopal Task Force on Race and Culture Named
  • January – April 2021 – Task Force Convenes
  • May 2021 – Task Force presents preliminary report to Bishop Farr
  • September – December 2021 – Cabinet and Mission Council works through preliminary report
  • January 27,  2022Presentation of the Recommendations on Race and Culture

Progress and Milestones

What the Missouri Conference has done to-date

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