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Part-Time Ministerial Leaders Course of Study

There are a variety of ways to engage with Part-Time Ministerial Leaders (PML). PML is designed to be both a program (like a degree) and individual courses (freestanding course opportunities). This structure enables the Missouri Conference to efficiently and consistently offer essential training for a variety of needs to both clergy and laity.

Local pastors may enroll in the PML curriculum as a Missouri Course of Study program within two  years of the completion of licensing school. Enrolling in the program means completing all 10 courses in three  years. Courses are offered in virtual or in hybrid formats that are less expensive and more convenient than traditional Course of Study (COS).  Should a local pastor be appointed to a full-time church(es) while in PML, that local pastor will need to transition to traditional Course of Study. 

PML also serves as a Course of Study extension school for any local pastor (part-time) needing to fulfill a regular COS course. Approval is required from the Director of Leadership Excellence and the Course of Study Director for Saint Paul School of Theology.

Certified Lay Ministers use PML courses as the Missouri Conference designated program for the completion of educational requirements for certification. 

Any lay person may enroll in any course for the love of learning the Methodist tradition.

For more information or questions, contact: Jenny Gragg, 573-777-1213,

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