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Pathways II Commission

At the 2019 Missouri Annual Conference, Bishop Bob Farr announced his intention to create a Pathways II Commission with the purpose to start work on a path forward for the Missouri Conference. He further shared his vision on page 5 of the Missouri Methodists’ October issue. This 18-person team will collaborate with other outside voices and our Mission Council to help generate a contingency plan for the 2020 Missouri Annual Conference that answers two questions: 1.) Is there a place for me in this conference? and 2.) How do we multiply our impact and ministries to bring more people to Jesus Christ in whatever missional context your church resides?

The Pathway II Commission includes: 

Bishop Bob Farr

Andy Bryan

Emanuel Cleaver, III

Madi Denton

Adrienne Denson Ewell

Angel Garcia

Tish Green

Grace James

Jennifer Long

Dennis Miller

Adam Mustoe

Karen Shearer

Terri Swan

Mike Sykuta

Amy Thompson

Jeremy Vickers

Ron Watts

Andy Waggoner

Jill Wondel