Pathway Out of Poverty

Increase the percentage of churches that partner with local school districts
from 10% to 40% to raise student reading levels by June 30, 2019.

Led by Office of Mission, Service & Justice




Pathway for Resourcing Local Churches:

  • Resourcing: Establish and create tools for partnerships to utilize (e.g., devotionals, sermon series, tutorials for initiating church-school partnerships, poverty training for churches, etc.).
  • Innovation: Brainstorm big ideas to help us reach our goal – experiment, test and dream.
  • Information: Determine the starting point, collect and share information, search for best practices and search for community partners.
  • Celebration: Celebrate and highlight mutually beneficial church-school partnerships around the conference.
  • Invitation: Invite local churches to participate at various levels.

How we will reach our goal

Introduce this goal to at least 24 ministerial leaders a month through phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

Missouri Conference Examples:

Education Task Force

Want to serve on the education task force? Contact Beth West.

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Questions about Church-School Partnerships and Safe Sanctuaries? Check out our FAQs.