Witnessing in Our Daily Life


By Amy Thompson

A couple of months ago I was serving in the Welcome Center at my church on a Sunday morning. I entered into a conversation with a church friend. She mentioned that she would like to read something about witnessing in your daily life. By the end of our brief conversation, I offered to share a book with her that could be helpful in sharing Jesus with others. When I found Purple Fish by Mark O. Wilson on my bookshelf, I noticed the dog-eared pages, the writing in the margins and my three colored prayer cards. The following Sunday I shared the book with her and she set off to read it. A few weeks later she returned the book to me. She quickly shared that she enjoyed it and had even shared pieces with her coworkers.
Her question has lingered in my mind, and now I find myself writing this article hoping to give some insight. It seems appropriate to first evaluate how I personally live out witnessing the love of Christ with others in my daily life. First, I strive daily to live a life that demonstrates choices and actions that are positive and caring. I am hopeful that others may see the love of Christ in my interactions. Secondly, I pray daily for two individuals that I know are unchurched. I look for opportunities to invite them to church or events or for a meal. 
I wonder how my response might change if the question was worded slightly different. How am I intentionally living into witnessing the love of Christ to others in my daily life? I know the love of Christ and the difference it makes in my life and in the life of others. This gift of love and grace is meant to be shared with others that are hurting, broken and lost. The word intentional requires that I have a plan and put it into action as I interact in my daily life with others that I know and may not yet know. This piece of being intentional returns me to the prayer cards that fell out of the book that I loaned to my church friend. The prayers are risky as they require commitment to praying them each day and require intentionally following through on the statements you say in the prayer. 
After some discernment, I am committing to two of the prayers for 2019. The prayers are titled I’m Ready and I’m Open. I think I will explore each prayer for a period of time throughout the year. Would you be willing to join me? If so, make a commitment to read one of the prayers daily this year. I encourage you to pray for the courage to follow the nudge of the Spirit as you may be led outside your comfort zone. I encourage you to keep a prayer journal to record any observations you notice as you pray one of these prayers. I encourage you to share your commitment with another person and invite he or she to join you so you can support one another. May 2019 be a year filled with sharing and showing Christ’s love with others each day.

I’m Open Prayer
God, please guide me to someone who needs to be reminded of your love. Help me to be a blessing and encouragement. Amen.

I’m Ready Prayer
Lord, I will receive each person I encounter today as a gift from you. May I see them as genuine treasures, and show them your love. May each interaction be filled with grace. Amen.