Where's Glenn?


By Richard Peck

That’s the question some 100 men attending a meeting of the National Association of Conference Presidents asked on March 6, the day after Wintemberg, a member of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in St. Louis, was elected president of the United Methodist Men Foundation.

“Well, he was here yesterday,” said members of the group that manages a $2.3 million portfolio that funds national ministries of the General Commission on United Methodist Men.

This is a significant post. Glenn had been elected to a 2-year term to lead the 25-member board. Why would he not be present to be introduced to some 70 conference presidents of United Methodist Men and 30 conference prayer advocates?

No one seemed to know. Gil Hanke, top staff executive of the Nashville-based commission, explained the situation.

“Glenn has returned to St. Louis to be present for the birth of his grandchild,” explained Hanke. Glenn’s daughter, Aubrey Tharp, is scheduled for a Cesarean Section delivery of Glenn’s second grandchild on March 4. That event takes precedence over his presence for the remainder of this meeting.”

Glenn is a long-time leader of United Methodist Men. He served as NACP president from 2004 to 2008 and president of Missouri Conference UM Men from 1996 - 2004. A strong advocate for men’s ministry, he began the Fami1y (Fast a Meal in 1 year) program to raise funds for the Society of St. Andrew and he was one of the guiding lights in providing funds for men’s ministry by enabling men to purchase engraved pavers on the sidewalk in front of the commission office on Music Row in Nashville. He also launched the Missouri Men 5000 program to fund a conference director of men’s ministry.

He has served Mount Zion UMC as chair of Staff Parish-Relations Committee, chair of the Building Team, and a member of the Board of Trustees.