What's Next?


Missourians know Dr. Lovett Weems as a previous president of Saint Paul School of Theology, an author of many books relating to United Methodism and the current director of the Lewis Center of Church Leadership. Throughout it all, he’s been a diligent student of church history, both as it currently unfolds and in the near and distant past. He’s bringing that knowledge base to the Missouri Conference this year to give context to 2019. 
“I want to help everyone get on the same page about three things: how we got here, where we are now and what is coming next,” Weems said. 
Weems will be speaking at Annual Conference session on Saturday morning, June 8. He aims to have the session not to solely be a lecture, but also a time of interaction, and aims to facilitate tableside discussion around the issues the church is currently grappling with. 
“I would like to guide people to think about things in fresh, new ways,” Weems said. He explained that means sitting aside position statements people may tend to cling to and having more open thoughts.
For more from Weems on his view of brokenness and wholeness within the current structure of the United Methodist Church, read www.churchleadership.com/focus/general-conference-is-broken-annual-conferences-are-not.