Vaccinated at Church


The United Methodist church in Hermann stepped up quickly when they found they could be of service in helping people in their area receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The church’s fellowship hall served as a vaccination clinic on January 26.

“All of the volunteers from HUMC worked all day long and had only been asked late in the evening the night before,” said Rev. John Hampton. “They responded faithfully to a need in their community on a moment’s notice.”

Church volunteers and health department employees arrived at the church at 8 a.m. and finished their work at 6 p.m. HUMC member Roy Schroff arrived several hours early for his appointment so he could assist other patients before his turn arrived. Schroff kept waiting patients company,
Roy Schroff
directed people to the elevators and when necessary provided and pushed wheelchairs where they needed to go. He was wearing a mask that his wife, Mary (who also volunteered) made for him and for many other members of HUMC. She continues to make masks to replace ones that have become worn or soiled.

A total of 180 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine were administered by the Gasconade County Health Department. The clinic will operate at least once more to give second doses to those who received their first dose there. If the health department is able to secure another large batch of vaccines at once they’ll use the church
Hermann UMC lay leader Carol Pinkerton, along with husband Bob Pinkerton prepare to spend the day welcoming and directing patients through the building and into the clinic area.
facilities again.

Photos by Rev. John Hampton