Unity Award Call for Nominations


The Values Team of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church is now receiving nominations for the Unity Award. The Unity Award celebrates the spirit and work of an individual in light of the values of the Missouri Annual Conference with particular emphasis on INCLUSIVENESS, JUSTICE and WORTH. The recipient must have demonstrated a continuing commitment to the full and equal participation of women, ethnic minorities, and all other groups or individuals historically discriminated against in the total life and mission of the United Methodist Church and the community at large. The recipient may be lay or clergy, youth or adult. The recipient must be United Methodist and affiliated with the Missouri Annual Conference. 

Please submit a one-page essay with reference to the individual’s name and role within the church, along with an explanation regarding this person’s spirit and work, and why you believe this person should be the recipient of the Unity Award. Please include at the top of the page your name, telephone number, address, and E-mail address (if applicable). Nominations may be submitted electronically as a Word document or pdf to The Office of Mission, Service & Justice Ministries at office@moumethodist.org. All nominations must be submitted by March 1.