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UMC Ladies, You Can Do This


By Dan Steska

Who is that lady with the chainsaw and why is she here? Life has a strange way of leading us in directions we would never expect. What inspired Bobbi Myers to drive over four hours to an Early Response Chainsaw Workshop? The answer is in the words of wisdom from Bobbi, “ The key to dealing with personal pain is to look to others in need, and help them.”
Bobbi, a self-described, “life-long Methodist” is a member of the Princeton UMC, where she and husband, Wendel, were actively involved. But life changes. In 2012, her husband of 33 years passed away. Her children were grown and had left the area. Bobbi was left contemplating her future. What now? How do I go on? What is my calling and direction? 
Mother Teresa once counseled a pilgrim who asked for prayer for clarity in his life. She told him she would not pray for clarity. When asked why, she explained that clarity is not the goal. It is trust. When there is not clarity for the future, there can always be Trust in God’s care and guidance. 
As Bobbi made herself available, and trusted, opportunity presented itself, as it always does. She recalled the fulfillment she had experienced years ago when she and her husband had helped rebuild a church in a flooded town. The memory returned and she yearned for ‘kingdom usefulness’. It’s interesting how often our ‘calling’ reflects our past experience, skills, personality, and talents. God makes no mistakes. Bobbi and Wendel had cut a lot of wood in the past, so this was not unfamiliar territory. However, she stated, “Everybody should take the chainsaw safety class. My old chainsaw didn’t have all that safety stuff on it years ago!”
She has said, “There’s lots to do out there, you just have to dig to find it.” In ‘digging’, she has gone to the UMC Mount Sequoyah Retreat and Conference in Fayetteville, AR to help clean and fix up. She is also now certified as an Early Responder. Next, she plans to work on the current rebuilding of homes for flood survivors in Piedmont, MO. Another goal is to help in the disaster relief warehouse at UMCOR Sager Brown in Louisiana. 
Everyone has a story...Everyone has a calling. Bobbi believes her beloved Wendel would be pleased to see that she is involved in her new Kingdom calling. She feels this calling to help disaster survivors enriches her life, strengthens the lives of others, and glorifies the God who comforts her, and others through her. 
So, who is that lady with the chainsaw? Just one more worker in God’s glorious vineyard, quietly and gently showing the love of Christ through Christian care. On behalf of the MO Conference, thank you, Bobbi Myers!