What does a church do when it has a small lot in front of it that accumulates trash and debris? One young woman at Jefferson Avenue had a vision of establishing a Memory Garden to honor individuals in a pleasant, serene setting. The church’s trustees saw merit in the project and suggested that she make a model to be presented to the church council for consideration.     
On a 4’ x 4’ piece of plywood she and her family members constructed and presented a model of her idea. 
There would be a raised stone fountain pedestal with a large cross attached to the top. Approaching this structure would be a raised, walled, circular flower garden with a walkway of bricks connecting to the foundation. The bricks would be engraved with names and a scripture verse in honor or memory of loved ones. Sitting benches would be placed in the area for the opportunity to sit and enjoy the setting near the fountain. The area would be seeded with grass and lighted at night with spot lights. 
The plan was approved, and work began to make it a reality. An addition of a concrete soldier kneeling at a cross placed on top of a large rock surrounded by rose bushes and plants was added during a Memorial Day celebration.         

At Christmas, weather permitting, a life-sized Joseph is placed in the garden leading a donkey with Mary riding. During Holy Week a life-sized Jesus is displayed on a separate cross with the appropriate wording on a sign located near the busy highway at the front of the garden. Many cars stop and take pictures and gaze on this scene. 
God takes our lives that accumulate trash and debris like this lot and makes them into something of beauty when his vision is put into reality.