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The Chronicles of Camping


As dusk approaches croaking frogs intensify, campfire smoke fills the air, the sky turns orange then purple, children laugh and sing to silly songs and sticky fingers result from marshmallow treats. Sitting down by the river, the Holy Spirit moves into this place of joy to remind campers and counselors of why they truly came to camp. Taking time off from hectic schedules and everyday life is a sacrifice, but after a week of watching the Lord work through each and every person, it all becomes worth it.

Summer 2017 has kept its promise to provide “the best summer of your life.” Next Generation Ministries staff along with their dedicated volunteers have given campers the opportunity to learn and grow in their faith, while having fun with friends, songs and plenty of games. The variety of camping ministries has been the perfect tool to reach a wider audience and offer a unique and inviting experience for the kids.
Both of the mobile camps, Spark and Ignite, help the local church connect to the community and minister to the people right in their backyard. Spark Mini-Mobile packs all of the excitement of the week-long camps into just two days. College-age staff and local volunteers connect the action-packed activities to meaningful lessons the kids can take with them. Ignite Mobile Camp partners with Eagle Lake to guarantee an impactful week in the life of campers. Each day campers return home filled with love and energy after being poured into through this life-online ministry.

Whether at Mound Ridge, Central Methodist University or Heit’s Point, participants can escape reality and focus on their relationship with God with our overnight camps. Infuse Core Camp varies each week with specialized camps that minister to campers in a deeper way. Each camp is unique, but God is still visible in each of the traditional camping activities like field games, worship, hiking and fishing. Intrepid Wildfire Camp has been redesigned this year to offer local service missions to impact the community during the day and return to CMU in the evening for personal growth.

All that’s left of that once energetic campfire is glowing embers, flashing lightning bugs and the brisk night air. But the shining stars above remind us that even as camp comes to a close, God is still working in ways that are far more grand and beautiful than we could ever imagine.