The Beauty of Our Story


In Christian tradition, beauty, goodness and truth are known as the “transcendentals.” They help us transcend beyond our own physical world to something much more spiritual; something deeper within all of us; something more meaningful than our everyday lives.

The Christmas story reminds us of the goodness, beauty and truth of God through the Christ child. It links us to our three core human abilities to feel, to wish and to think. Jesus referred to them in the great commandment when he talks about the heart, soul and mind.

In a very simplistic fashion, the Advent and Christmas season have the potential to open up a whole new world; if we can feel it, smell it and see it through the eyes of a child. That Almighty God, God of creation, put on human skin and became one of us that we might know we are beloved children of God; it blows us away if we think about it.

If you and I want to draw someone into the faith of Jesus Christ, we should start with Christmas story. I believe it is the reason thousands of people show up at our Christmas Eve services; just hoping something could happen to change their lives. People are looking for something deeper, more meaningful and more purposeful from their lives. 

I love to watch baseball and football. I fell in love with football in high school because I got to experience it. I fell in love with baseball because I got to watch it from a distance, but then met some of the players (i.e. George Brett, Lou Brock, Adam Wainwright) Only after falling in love with the beauty of the game did I begin to learn the rules and practice the sport.

Advent and Christmas are some of the best changes for people to fall in love with the beauty and goodness of God through Christ. Only after falling in love will they want to learn the rules and practices of the faith.

I am convinced that people want something more in their lives, but don’t know the beauty and goodness of Christian faith in loving God through Christ. They don’t know what the playing field feels like or the texture of a life in Christ.

Friends, we have to fall in love with something before we want to learn about its rules or practices. This is the chance for people to fall in love with the Christ-child God. It’s our chance to reconnect to the goodness, beauty and truth of an amazing God.

I still believe that living in the faith of Christ is the fullest way to live one’s life. I think Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, the Way that gives us Truth and leads us to Life! Yes, the Way, the Truth, the Life. May we relentlessly help others to see and feel that goodness and beauty so that they may have life.

Have a blessed Advent and Christmas season and may you see its beauty, goodness and truth.

In Christ,

Bishop Farr