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Summer 2022 Crossroad Intern Placements Announced


Each summer, the Missouri Conference works together with local churches to hire college-aged summer interns to serve in various ministry roles. Nine young people will receive hands-on experience this summer through the Crossroads Internship Program.

The Crossroads program provides opportunities for college-aged students to work, learn and provide leadership in a local church setting. These 10-week internships run from the end of May to the beginning of August. Students apply and go through an interview process with the Conference before being assigned to a local church to serve for the summer. Interns can work in one of two internship arrangements: With a church they already relate to, such as a home church or college church, or with a church they don’t relate to. Summer internship stipends and housing are supported by the local church in partnership with the Missouri Conference.

For summer 2022, the following interns will receive ministry experience at these Missouri United Methodist churches:

Bailey Allison – Missouri UMC (Columbia)
Nichole DeKoster – First St. Charles UMC
Kaylee DeMoss – Missouri UMC (Columbia)
Aarron Douglas – Sedalia First UMC
Addylyn Gabriel – St. James UMC (Kansas City)
Deveion Griffin – Salem in Ladue UMC (St. Louis area)
Tess Howicz – Missouri UMC (Columbia)
Christabel John – Missouri UMC (Columbia)
Bryce Saucier – King’s Way UMC (Springfield)

Bailey and Addylyn are both returning interns from classes 2021 and 2020, respectively. Addylyn will be serving in a cross-cultural ministry context.

In the past, interns have served in areas such as children’s ministry, youth ministry, worship tech, communications and general ministry, including working with the pastor and shadowing them. During the summer, interns are surrounded by a team of three to five local church members for mentorship and support. Additionally, staff from the Conference Center for Leadership Excellence provide resources, learning opportunities and guided reflection throughout the summer session.

Interns begin their 10 weeks of service on May 29, 2022. The Crossroads Internships program will again open its application for both host churches and interns in late fall 2022. Learn more at


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