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South Central Jurisdiction Black Methodist for Church Renewal Hosts Youth Oratorical Contest


By Shirley Davis

Congratulations to the youth who participated in the South Central Jurisdictional (SCJ) Black Methodist for Church Renewal (BMCR) Oratorical contest. The participants submitted a speech on the SCJ BMCR meeting theme “People Pleasers or God’s Leaders” (Colossians 1:10). The three youth recited their speech at the Annual SCJ BMCR Jerry Ruth Williams Prayer Breakfast, October 25, 2014 at the Marriott St. Louis Airport.
The three participants represented the St. Louis BMCR Caucus. Timberlyn Shakira Jones, age 17 (Beloved Community UMC), was the first place finisher and received a $250 award; Deontae Graham, age 14 (Union Memorial UMC) placed second and received a $150 award; and Camryn Keaton, age 16 (North Park UMC) placed third and received a $100 award. The St. Louis BMCR Caucus is very proud of all three participants.
Each speech had to be original, not more than 7½ minutes or less than 4½ minutes, using a formal outline and standard college English. The speech had to be logical, correct in form and content and address the theme established by the Oratorical Contest Committee. The speech had to show a command of vocabulary, and submitted in writing to the Committee for approval prior to the competition.
The judging items and categories included: Speech Development (Structure, organization, support material; Effectiveness (Achievement of purpose. Interest and reception); Speech Value (Ideas, logic, original thoughts); Physical (Appearance, body language); Voice (Flexibility, volume); Manner (Directness, assurance, enthusiasm); Appropriateness (Speech address purpose and audience) and Correctness (Grammar, pronunciation, word selection).
Thanks to Josephine Graham, Dorothy Heyward and Melva Jones for a wonderful job coordinating the Oratorical contest.