S'Mores Club at North Cross UMC


By Jen Shelton

As part of our Play, Learn and Share Summer Fun, North Cross United Methodist Church in Kansas City hosted its first S’mores Club on National S’mores Day, Wednesday, August 10, 2016. In preparation for this event, staff made over 40 S’mores kits which included invitations, name tags, a welcome card, a menu of unique ways to make S’mores and a bag of marshmallows.
We encouraged members to take a S’mores kit and host their own S’mores night by inviting friends, family, neighbors and people they see during their day or week. 
We had over 70 people come to our S’mores Club and 40 kits were taken to homes to put into use. We wanted our members to use this opportunity to bridge together our community and show love to one another!     
Several of our members took us up on hosting their own S’mores club. One member, while on vacation, hosted a S’mores club on the beach and invited family and friends. An Australian family came and had never heard of S’mores before. Our member showed them the fun and community of S’mores. 
Another member hosted a club in her neighborhood and invited her neighbors. After several hours, the party was still going, and one of her neighbors happened to be looking for a new church. Our member extended a personal invitation to attend our church.
The S’mores club is more than just chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. It is an opportunity to show people love and bridge our community!