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The Missouri Conference continues to move forward with the regional model of Sharefests to keep the tradition of giving through the Festival of Sharing alive while making things much more convenient for both donors and participants. 

This year the number of agencies and people being served by donations increased, as well as the overall numbers of baby bundles, paper products and backpacks. The Ferguson Sharefest partnered with some nearby churches and sent teams of people to the churches to do some hands-on mission on building and grounds maintenance. Ferguson and Republic offered an overnight component to their events along with special activities for youth participants. 

“The youth bring a lot of fun and energy to the event,” said Community Engagement Specialist Sidney Owens. “I was at six of the seven events this year, and it’s great to see the same faces coming back, making the regional Sharefests an annual tradition just like the Festival of Sharing was.”

By the Numbers:
Baby Bundles: 1,175
Blankets: 1,081
Dental Kits: 2,344
Food Boxes: 2,119
Hygiene Kits: 3,140
Rice: 29,000 lbs
Backpacks of Love: 646
Youth Personal Care: 337
R & W Kits: 1,835
Paper Product Packs: 1,280
Popcorn (Dexter): 2,000 lbs
Beans (Dexter): 2,000 lbs