Rising to the Challenge: Ministry Grants Add Momentum


By Fred Koenig

The Foundation Ministry Grant Program continues to grow in service to our local congregations,” states Foundation executive David Atkins. “The feedback we receive affirms how a grant can help folks focus on the goal and raise more dollars locally.” 

A sampling of comments includes:
  • “Our part of the funding [for the project] came from several different funding sources, memorial donations, church fundraisers, and private donations.”
  • “I think the Foundation gift helped to open up the pocketbooks and gave our project extra legitimacy. Thanks for the gift!”
  • “[We] had a challenge in raising the last little amount to get to goal. The MUMF grant added the needed ingredient to use as a match.”
The Ministry Grant Program is open to all UM congregations and UM-related institutions, organizations and agencies. The deadline for Spring proposals is April 1st and for Fall proposals October 1st each year. Information and forms are available at www.mumf.org or call the Foundation office at 800-332-8238. 
“Our average grant amount remains in the range of $5,000 or less,” states Atkins. “Nevertheless, that can really make the difference in moving forward with a project that would otherwise languish.” 
Atkins offers some additional guidance on making a strong proposal:
  1. Show that the project is closely tied to mission priorities
  2. Show congregational commitment to the project. For example, dollars have already been raised, or a pilot project has already begun or been completed
  3. Identify specific measures of success
Grants are funded by several endowments created by generous United Methodists across Missouri. Donors may contribute to existing endowments or create new ones.