Release Date Announced for Season 3 of Faith and Race Podcast


The Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church is excited to announce the release date of season three of the Faith and Race Podcast. Beginning on May 5, new episodes will become available weekly on Thursdays.

The Faith and Race Podcast is designed to help faithful people host conversations about race, faith and the Church. Every episode has a specific focus to help listeners intentionally think about the intersection of history, institutions, scripture, prayer, race and justice. The audio recordings bring diverse insights and experiences into churches, homes, and hearts across Missouri and beyond.

“The Saints Before Us” is the theme and focus of season three of the Faith and Race Podcast. It draws on both Hebrews 11, and its description of the cloud of witnesses, and Ephesians 4 with its directive to equip saints for the work of ministry. The phrase “saints before us” invites listeners to consider the duality of its meaning: In that, the new season of the podcast focuses on Missouri’s Black United Methodist Churches and highlights both the work of the saints that came before us and offers an invitation to the saints currently before us to carry that legacy.

In season three, six episodes highlight the legacies of five of Missouri’s Historically Black United Methodist Churches: Pitts Chapel in Springfield; Union Memorial in St. Louis; Samaritan UMCs in St. Louis; Centennial UMC in Kansas City; and St. James UMC in Kansas City. Local church laity and clergy leaders detail the rich history of the Historically Black church through stories of faithfulness and witness to injustice and invite podcast listeners to consider the gifts the Black church brings to the Church at large.

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Faith and Race podcast released two seasons, season one in 2015-2016 and season two in 2016-2017. Both seasons, and related small group curriculum for season one, are available at

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weeks leading up to the season three release, the Conference will be revisiting and exploring the conversation this podcast about faith and race has already started on its social media channels. Follow the Missouri Annual Conference of the UMC on Facebook and Instagram to see this content and join the conversation.

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