Rebuilding Puerto Rico: How You Can Help


People in the Caribbean are still recovering from hurricane Maria. With power still out and water in short reply, first responders are working across the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Our Conference has been in contact with leaders of the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico, and you can help. The 12,000 members of the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico have been reaching out as first responders post-Maria.

Ways you can help:

  • Pray: Pray that God will speed the distribution of recovery items across the island.

  • Give: The best way to assist in the daily recovery effort is to give at this link. Money given will purchase much needed water, food, and early response items.

  • Go: Begin discussion about helping Puerto Rico in hands on response once the church can receive teams. Contact Lucas Endicott at or 660-202-2104 to help organize response.

    In the coming weeks and months teams may go to help rebuild houses and churches. Glorymar Riveray-Baez, Executive Assistant to the Puerto Rico Conference shared: “We certainly will need all the help available! Distribution of commodities has been very slow. Since it will take long for supplies to arrive to PR, we are releasing local funds to buy food to families in the most affected areas. Our monetary resources are scarce ... With that money we will buy more food and basic supplies for the communities. But still, it will take more resources to recover. Another area we are coordinating, although it will take some time, is the reconstruction of houses. This is another area we will also need help.”

You may find images and receive updates at the Puerto Rico Methodist Church's Facebook page. To learn more about the devastation in Puerto Rico, check out this United Methodist News Service story.