Pray for Election Day 2020


Lay pastor Ivan James has been watching with concern the national dialogue as the country nears the November 3 election. Deepening political divisions in America and the fear that votes won’t get counted, has eroded civil discourse. James felt he had no other choice than to turn to God and begin a period of intense prayer leading up to the election. Leaning on the connectional nature of The United Methodist Church Pastor James began to invite all United Methodists in Missouri to pray daily in the 30 days leading up to the presidential election. One of his calls was to Bishop Bob Farr who accepted the challenge.

“It is part of the pastoral duty to pray for our leaders and all those who govern,” said Bishop Farr. “I’ve accepted Pastor Ivan James’ invitation to pray daily in the month leading up to our nation’s election and I invite you to join our efforts to invite the Holy Spirit to work in and among us as we move toward a free and fair election.”

While those who follow Jesus understand that their allegiance to God takes precedence over our allegiance to any state, United Methodists also acknowledge the vital function of government as a principal vehicle for the ordering of society. For more on what United Methodists believe about the Political Community, see ¶164 in The Book of Discipline 2016 (p. 138-142). In 1774, Methodism’s founder John Wesley offered powerful advice regarding a Christian’s role in voting: 1.) Vote your conscience, 2.) Do not slander the opponent of the individual you voted for; and 3.) Do not allow voting to disrupt Christian unity. Pastor James and Bishop Farr call upon all United Methodists in Missouri to engage in political responsibility while adhering to Wesley’s guidance.

It’s never too early to start praying, but the #30daysofprayer launches Monday, October 5 through the national election on Tuesday, November 3. Follow us on Instagram, @moumethodist, for daily prayer topics and reminders.