Power Moves: Moving Power In The Right Direction


Power Moves: Moving Power in the Right Direction is an energetic approach to a Christ-centered life in ministry. It is a powerful guide for church leaders that investigates the sources and manifestation of spiritual power and control, the good and the bad, as well as the healthy and unhealthy, that are working behind the scenes in church and in life.

This is a passionate and crucial guide for understanding the intricate power dynamics at play in every believer’s life, both in the church and in the everyday world. Power moves in the world – in homes and in the church. When there is unhealthy power and control in the church, and a lack of accountability in the leadership structure, it leads to conflict. Conflict leads to division, and division leads to decline. 

Power Moves offers a guide to help church leadership to recognize unhealthy control, its sources and its effects on the congregation. It is a valuable resource for gaining direction, accountability, and self-awareness in pastors and laity. Readers seeking the truth of the invisible will come away enlightened by this insightful commentary. 

Rev. Dr. Antonio Settles is an elder in the United Methodist Church with over 20years of experience in leadership development in the local church. He serves as a coach and mentor to pastors. Foreword written by Bishop Robert Farr, Resident Bishop of the Missouri Annual Conference.