Parting Shot


By Eric Mattson

Art drew me into photography, and photography has shaken hands with my ministry. Modern photographers tend to care about things like technical mastery, creative composition and lighting, originality and significance of content, captured decisive moments. 
This boldly butts heads with postmodern artists, who tend to care about the rejection or denunciation of traditional human narratives, dissection of historical perspectives while playing old against new, emancipation from aesthetics and sometimes even meaning itself.      
As a pastor with a camera, I care about relationships and purpose, struggles and transformation, redemption and salvation. It’s in the vortex of this maelstrom where I create. You all have creative talent because you all have something to express. Does your messaging have to be perfect? No. Does it need to be profoundly groundbreaking? No. 
You all have someone waiting to be noticed and loved by you to be introduced to Christ because of you as you co-create God’s kingdom on earth.