Parting Shot


Street photography is about building an intentional bridge into the human experience, about engagement between artist and life. As with all bridges, the photographer must cross over and stand on the other side with the goal being an experienced connection. That connectivity is the opening of a door between lives, cultures, experiences. As followers of Christ, we are called to build bridges in a broken, hostile, unjust world. In order to cross these bridges and engage others, we must first get right our own personal engagement with God. If God’s love doesn’t rule in our hearts, any justice we seek will ultimately not reflect God’s loving righteousness. If God’s righteousness doesn’t rule in our hearts, whatever love flows from us will not be God’s righteous love. With God, love and righteousness are never “either/or.” May they always be “and” in our hearts as well so that bridges old and new become sturdy enough to bear the weight of two-way traffic.