Parting Shot


This photograph was taken at a Dig for Life charity tournament I covered as house photographer for the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau. As their house photographer, I shoot mostly concerts and events. Here, I was visually drawn onto the court by the spirit of the competitors. The creation of an image allows a photographer to participate in the life of other people, in their vulnerability and formative moments between birth and death which carve out the core of their humanness. Time surges relentlessly forward, but the camera allows me to capture a moment. In the creation of an image, I move from looking at life to having life look back at me. The moment is frozen in time, inviting me to lose myself in the moment as the picture is taken and again later when I view it. Photography helps me keep me fit to serve. It’s when I lose myself in a healthy way. It’s similar to how I approach scripture. When I look at time captured in scripture, the scripture looks back at me. Are you up for participating in God’s on-court fist pump.