Parting Shot


“Do you give the horse its might? Do you clothe its neck with mane?” – Job 39:19. In awe, I photographed these magnificent wild horses. How many of us in our prayer life ask God “How could you…?” “Why don’t you…?” We rightly can take anything to God, but at what point and in what ways do we become God’s creator? Looking through my viewfinder at these undomesticated horses, I saw God through God’s creation. It is a humbling reminder that I also am God’s creation. There’s a part of me which wants to take the God I understand from the study of scripture and fashion God into a high-performance dressage horse who performs as expected. But, God is an untamed God not of our creation who wants to transform parts of us we don’t want to confront. We tremble and fear in that, yet a bruised reed God will not break.