Parting Shot


Eagles don’t allow storms to overpower them. They don’t cower in hiding at the approach of a storm and don’t flee from the tempest when it arrives in full furry.  They use the energy and pressure of the storm’s winds to rise above it and then glide conserving their own energy.  My prayer is that we can, through the work of the Holy Spirit, do the same in our individual spiritual lives and as leaders within the church when storms rage. This picture was taken on March 2, 2019. Contemplating my photos of the eagles reminded me of the 40th chapter of Isaiah, which I often use in funerals.  When we need strength, hope, a power greater than our own, it comes from Christ who calms raging storms. When we need to tap into the power of a love which enables us to confront and soar above evil in whatever form it presents itself, we have Christ who has overcome the world.