Parting Shot


By Eric Mattson

Photographers often attempt to capture decisive moments which have an element of no turning back. This is true of my sports photos, much like my earlier picture of the hurdler. No turning back; when that is our resolve our driving concern becomes the pursuit of the best way forward. Resistance to humbly walking forward with God brings an inner disturbance which leads to no good place; acceptance of our calling to love the Lord our God with all our passion and prayer and intelligence, acceptance of our mandate to love others in imitation of Christ and to love even our enemies also comes with its own inner disturbance. The difference is that we will move through our dark places and enter God’s shalom. Ours is to practice the presence of God. Ours is to work with God to redeem and transform. Ours is to avoid pouring out our lives for Christ without truly walking with Christ.