Parting Shot


By Eric Mattson

Ansel Adams said, “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” Good photography is born from readiness and opportunity. Readiness applies to the largest or the smallest of things, to whatever image God places before you. Readiness comes from intentionality in preparing and in understanding any place may be the right place at a given time. Too often, I miss a great image because I’m rushing to where I think one might be. 
As Christian disciples, readiness means being so well tuned in on the will of God we’re aware of our God-given context and place. As clergy, I may think my gifts and graces are ready for the Cabinet to notice and place me in XYZ Dream Church; so why don’t they?  Perhaps I’m not or that church isn’t ready, or perhaps God already has me where God intends my spiritual shutter to be clicked. God calls and sends. We serve and love. Click.