Parting Shot


By Eric Mattson

God created each of us to create in all areas of our life. To me, the creative act of photography is both a way to notice the world around me and a means of self-discovery. My District Superintendent (Fred Leist) passed along a challenge promoted by Rethink Church at For each day during Lent / Holy Week, we were asked to create an image day based upon a word provided by Rethink Church. To create this particular image for the word “peace”, I went to the Corsage Shop, a local florist. My problem was that if my zone of “in focus” was deep enough for the foreground objects, the background was distracting. If I blurred the background enough with the lens’ f1.4 aperture, too much of the foreground was out of focus. So I used a technique called focus stacking by tethering my cell phone to my camera and used a program called Helios. It can be the same way with our spiritual lives. We can use our creativity and energy to focus on what needs to be focused on and remove what is distracting us.