Parting Shot


By Eric Mattson

Street photography. As I heard one photographer put it, my camera is my golden ticket into the lives of other people. As a pastor, I try to stay sensitive to people who are feel invisible to the world around them for whatever reason, and anyone can feel invisible - even while surrounded by people. My camera is a golden ticket to notice people where they live as they live. Many people I photograph are starving to be noticed, to be found interesting, to be valued and not ignored. My camera has become an extension of my ministry. The people in this picture interested me, so I went up and asked permission to take their picture. My preferred street lens is a wide angle, because it forces me to get close and intimate with the scene and the people in it. These two posed, and I snapped a picture so they would then relax and talk with me. They shared their experiences of life on the river and got so wrapped up in the conversation, I was then able to capture this off guard moment. Please notice somebody today.