Parting Shot


By Eric Mattson

Some blessings in life don’t require us to wrestle. We love those. Those things connected with God’s grace are given to us as gifts out of God’s love for us, our salvation included [Ephesians 2:8-9]. But, much in life does require us to wrestle. This young man (Dillon Nichols) is the recently crowned MSHSAA Class 2 State Champion in his weight class. It didn’t come easily. Growth takes struggle. Physical, intellectual and emotional growth take struggle. Spiritual growth is no different. When Jacob was in his wilderness, he had a life-altering wrestling match [Genesis 32:22- 31]. And out of it, Jacob received a blessing. Struggles often lead to blessings as we recognize our limitations and our weaknesses and reach out beyond ourselves. We grow in strength as we open ourselves to God and all the resources of faith. When you don’t see a way forward from your position on the mat, take heart that out of any struggle God can redeem. A blessing can be created.