On the Job


Elsa Klein takes her job as hospitality ambassador at Concord Trinity very seriously. She gets to the church at about 7:30 a.m. and organizes the “Pray Ground” area for children in the sanctuary well before any arrive on Sunday morning. 

“I switch things out from week to week, so it is new and interesting for everyone,” she said. 

Once that is taken care of and the area is ready to go, she goes to the front door to greet people as they arrive. She’ll introduce new children to the Pray Ground area and work with them throughout the worship service to keep them engaged. Her experience shows, even if it does belie her age. 

Elsa is nine years old and has been in this role for about two years, taking it on when the church resumed live worship after being online only during the initial part of the pandemic. 

“As an only child, she looks forward to interacting with other children, and she wants to make kids happy, so she fell into this naturally,” her father, Michael, said.  

Elsa’s mother prepares the projection for worship, so their schedules are compatible. 

“The first service ends around 10 a.m., and depending on the Sunday, she’ll stay, clean up, and do it all over again for the Casual service at 10:30 a.m.,” said Katie Klein, director of multi-media and communications.