New Places Grants Available


In the Missouri Conference, we recognize God is doing new things to reach people in fresh new ways. We refer to these ways as New Places for New People (NPNP). These come in a variety of forms and can take place both in-person and virtually. We are committed to sharing the love of Christ as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 by providing resources and support to pastors and laity that have a desire to start something new that will reach new people.

Ready to start something new? There's a grant for that. From now until April 1, the Center for Congregational Excellence is accepting applications for its New Places Grant. Funds are available for the five types of new places for new people:

Steps to apply

  1. Fill out the grant worksheet
  2. Send the completed worksheet to your District Superintendent for approval and signature.
  3. Gather the appropriate documents and your answers from the worksheet. Copy your answers into the online application and upload the documents as directed.

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The Center for Congregational Excellence offers grants twice a year (spring/fall) and the amounts given out vary by the type of grant requested. Please note that grant requests cannot be for building needs only. A request must include a plan for a sustainable relational ministry that leads to discipleship, that is not inside the church building. Grant money is not intended to be used for salary support and applications requesting it for salary support will not be considered.

Submit your grant application by April 1 to the online form. We look forward to reading your applications!