New Initiatives with UMM


By Pam Ekey

Bill Mooney, president of the Missouri Conference United Methodist Men, announced two new initiatives at the Saturday morning session of Annual Conference. The first, an initiative to end domestic violence against women and girls has been developed by the General Commission Board of United Methodist Men. The second is a grant program for new ministry outreach projects by the Missouri United Methodist Men.
The program to end domestic violence is called Amending Through Faith. It is an eight-week, biblically based study that is intended to identify sources and cultural influences for violence against women and girls. It seeks to end abuse by engaging and educating men before the violence happens. Additional information and order forms for the program may be found at
The Missouri United Methodist Men have launched a grant program across Missouri to encourage community outreach. Called Christ Today, the grants to men’s units across the conference can range from $100 to $1,000. The program is intended to help men grow in Christ, so others may know Christ. Information and a grant application may be obtained by contacting Mooney at