MUMF: Student Loan Debt Relief


The application to apply for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief is now open! If you have Federal student loan debt, an application is required; it is NOT an automatic process. To begin the application process, click on this link.

Be aware that depending on the time of day, the system may get bogged down; so be patient and try again at a later time. Federal Student Aid info strongly suggests that applicants whose student loan payments are currently on pause should apply for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief within six weeks (before Thanksgiving) so that loan payments restarting in January 2023 can be adjusted accordingly.

Federal Student Loan Debt Relief is NOT the same as Public Service Loan Forgiveness. PSLF is a program for people who work in public service in federal, state, tribal, or local government, or for a non-profit organization, which includes local churches and faith-based non-profits. The Limited PSLF Waiver Ends October 31, 2022. Under the limited PSLF waiver, borrowers may receive credit for payments that previously didn’t qualify for PSLF or Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness. For more information about PSLF, go to

Missouri Clergy who want to know more about reducing or eliminating student loan debt, or to apply for a Clergy Wellbeing Grant, can go visit, or contact Mark Struckhoff, C2FM Director, at 573-875-4168. C2FM also makes “Your Money Line” available to all active Missouri clergy for free.