Mozambique Initiative Covenant Partnerships


A linchpin of the Mozambique Initiative is our covenant church partnerships. Beginning with our first Mozambique Initiative Coordinator Carol Kreamer more than 18 years ago – you – as our churches, provide salary support, build parsonages and chapels, and provide tools for ministry like motorbikes or bicycles through this sister-church relationship.
I hope you are able to see photos of these partnerships in our Mozambique Initiative blogs online as I travel. Upon returning from Mozambique, I share photos, stories and details with their sister congregation in Missouri. This month, I would like us to remind ourselves of the scope of the Church in Mozambique – to highlight the magnitude and to celebrate importance of this piece of our ministry.
We have approximately 175 Missouri partners who are supporting a covenant partner. Not involved with Mozambique? We ask that you prayerfully consider growing the Kingdom by joining in a covenant partnership. 
A full partnership is $990 per year, but a variety of sizes of partnerships exist. Contact Craig Stevenson at for more information. Thank you for your continued prayers, presence, gifts and service within our Mozambique ministry.

Letters from Covenant Partners

“We are the Jacob Guambe UMC and we are doing fine, and God continues to care for us. Our church comprises of 3 local churches, with 10 class meetings, with a total of 438 members. We are really very happy for what you are doing to our church. We have two wells drilled in the main church and also at one of our furthest local church that are providing us living water. Because of these sources, we are now able to grow horticultural crops such as lettuce, onion, tomato, cabbages, garlic, potatoes and sweet-potatoes and many others. These crops are helping alleviate hunger in our families. These wells are also helping evangelize. In the past we had about 111 members that have grown to the figures above, after the wells were drilled. May God continue to bless you so that you can bless others.”

Inhambane West District
The People of Jacob Guambe UMC,

“It is our prayer that this letter finds you all in perfect health conditions and that God continues protecting and guiding you in all your day-to-day activities, and above all, in His mission- making disciples of Christ! Thanks be to God we are all doing alright, despite challenges imposed to the country due to diminished economies and political unrest. We think of you always in our prayers all Sundays and whenever we gather in our normal meetings. It could be a great blessing to get to welcome you and fellowship with you as some have this great blessing.”
Rev. Rodolfo Carlos Enoque of Pembe UMC, 
Inhambane West District. Pembe UMC