Mozambique Initiative Celebrates New & Existing Relationships


Craig Stevenson, Missouri coordinator for the Mozambique Initiative, celebrated the continuing partnership between the United Methodist Church in Mozambique and the Missouri Conference. “Our ministry was supported by you through countless gifts,” he said. Some 186 churches provided over $670,271 in support during the previous year.

Stevenson has been focusing on building covenant relationships. Through the partnership, 44 wells were completed. Since the wells are located on church property and open to the community, they are a tool for evangelism.

Last year 186 congregations had active partnerships. The goal is to add 37 new covenant relationships this year.

Early in 2017, hurricane Dineo had a severe impact on Mozambique. Approximately 20,000 homes became uninhabitable, in addition to 54 United Methodist churches or parsonages that were damaged or destroyed. The Missouri Conference responded by raising $159,000 funds for rebuilding efforts.

The Gondola Training Center graduated its first class in 2016. It trains pastors and lay leaders in sustainability, microfinance, theology, discipleship and leadership development. The school was a vision 10 years ago that has come to fruition. Unfortunately, that ministry has been put on hold while repairs are made to the facility after hurricane Dineo.

“Our brothers and sisters in Mozambique have claimed the flame. Our challenge is to run alongside them and carry the flame with them,” Stevenson said, in order to reach more hearts, minds and souls for Christ.