More Ideas for Raising Money for Imagine No Malaria


By Jill Wondel

We’re making great progress! Because of your generosity, the people of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church have already saved almost 50,000 lives! 
Because of the faith and work of people like you, nets are being distributed in Sierra Leone, and churches are being planted there. Hospitals are being revitalized in the Democratic Republic of Congo and canals are being dug. But there is still work to be done to save lives in Africa. 627,000 people still die from this preventable, treatable disease. So, what’s next? How can you continue to support this amazing effort to save lives from malaria?
  1. Invite your friends and neighbors to join you in this effort. Do you have a neighbor who’s a doctor or nurse? Do you have a friend who works for a pharmaceutical company, or is a scientist? Share the story of Imagine No Malaria with them – they are probably already passionate about health, and may be excited to help join in this Global Health effort.
  2. Consider your accrued wealth. A fancy, financial word for money that you’re saving, consider what you or your congregation may be able to give out of your savings. Maybe you’ve got a small nest egg you could use to support this effort, or maybe your church’s endowment could change lives in Africa. Chillicothe UMC chose to give 1% of their endowment to Imagine No Malaria and saved 2,500 lives! What might you give from what you’re saving to help save lives?
  3. Approach your favorite businesses for support. Do you know someone who owns a pest control business? Maybe they could help support your next event? Or maybe your favorite café owner would be willing to put a collection jar at their counter. Share the blessing of saving lives with your community and you might just be surprised by their generosity. 
  4. Capitalize on upcoming events. There are several great holidays coming, and you can use those opportunities to invite people to join you in combating this disease. Several churches hosted Valentine’s Day events to help raise money for Imagine No Malaria, and there are still several special days left before Annual Conference.

    Lent/ Easter (March 5-April 20): Check out our website for a ton of great Lent/ Easter resources. There’s even a daily giving calendar to encourage a fun way to raise money, a Lenten devotional and much more. Some churches have even decided to make Imagine No Malaria the focus of their Easter offering. And if you’re giving something up for Lent, you might consider giving what you would have spent to help save lives!

    World Malaria Day (April 25): What a great day to focus on ending deaths from malaria! Plan to sleep out under mosquito nets for the day or plan to watch the movie “A Killer in the Dark” with your friends and neighbors.

    Mother’s Day (May 11): Did you know that the majority of people who die from this disease are pregnant women and children? Share your love for your mother by helping save the lives of mothers and children in Africa!
        5. Give your tax refund away. The average tax refund is $3,000 – that’s 300 lives saved! Besides, what else would you                      spend it on that could match this life-saving opportunity?