Meet Our Leaders: Tony Bavuso


For the next year, each month, we will feature a different Conference board, committee, council or team by highlighting a member and their connectional experience of serving beyond the local church.

Mission Council
(Missouri Standing Rule 100.10-100.20)

The Mission Council acts on behalf of the Annual Conference between sessions to give general direction, guidance, and alignment of resources in support of the mission and vision to relentlessly lead our churches to become outwardly focused and spiritually centered Christ followers. For corporate purposes, members of the Mission Council will be directors of the corporation of the Missouri Annual Conference.
(Membership: 13 voting, 8 non-voting)

Featured Team Member: Tony Bavuso

Tony is a lay member of Platte Woods United Methodist Church. He currently serves as a member of the Missouri Conference Mission Council. A graduate of United Theological Seminary, Tony has a discipleship coaching certificate program through Coaching4Clergy and is working toward his Associate Coach Certification with the International Coach Federation.

What does the Mission Council do?

The Conference Mission Council exists to steward the mission, vision and values of the Conferenc and ensure it is effective in carrying out the mission, pursuing the vision and living into the values.

What might surprise clergy and laity in the Missouri Conference about serving on this council?

The degree of personal work each member of the Mission Council engages in to grow spiritually and to develop themselves as more effective leaders.

Why does the work of the Mission Council matter?

The work matters because the Conference mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world matters. Everything we do on Mission Council is to help make sure this is happening to the fullest extent possible.

Why should clergy and lay members consider nominating themselves for service beyond the local church?

It is a wonderful way to see the benefit of and participate in our connectional system. It is the Church in action! You can make a real difference in the lives of other people and congregations, and your own life will be greatly enriched by the experience of serving outside of your local context.