Meet Our Leaders: William Kenagy


For the next year, each month, we will feature a different Conference board, committee, council or team by highlighting a member and their connectional experience of serving beyond the local church.

Nominations Committee
(Missouri Standing Rule 122.00)

The function of the Nominating Committee is to nominate all officers and members of Conference units unless otherwise designated by the current Book of Discipline. {Membership: 11 including the Conference Lay Leader and a district superintendent with vote. The bishop and Director of Connectional Ministries will be exofficio with voice and vote.}


Featured Committee Member: Rev. Bill Kenagy

Rev. Kenagy is a full-time licensed local pastor serving Central Community in Shell Knob and All Faith in Eagle Rock. Both churches are in the Southwest District.

What do you enjoy about serving on this committee?

“I really enjoy how the Nominations Committee has adapted to virtual meetings. These virtual meetings have been a great blessing for me in stewardship of time and resources. I’ve gone from driving eight hours round trip to about one hour of meeting time online.”

Why does the work on this committee or team matter?

“Working with the Nominations Committee is vital for the whole of Conference leadership. Serving on the committee is rewarding in that we are intentional in our discernment to nominate leadership who represent the diversity of the Missouri Conference. The value of our connection is stronger when clergy and laity serve beyond the local church. Over the years I have served, my understanding of our connection in Missouri has grown and has enable me to encourage the local churches I serve to connect with resources and programs.”

Why should clergy and lay members consider nominating themselves for service beyond the local church?

“I would like to encourage clergy and lay members from our small churches to self nominate. Our small church clergy and lay members can offer great leadership. We need this type of diversity and culture represented in all our Conference leadership positions.”

Members to Missouri Conference leadership (i.e., boards, committees, teams, council and work areas) are nominated on a quadrennial basis (four-year terms) by the Nominations Committee. We rely on your nominations to fill Conference leadership positions. To learn more about the nomination process or to make a nomination, visit