Meet Our Leaders: Liz Calvin


For the next year, each month, we will feature a different Conference board, committee, council or team by highlighting a member and their connectional experience of serving beyond the local church.

Mozambique Initiative Team
(Missouri Standing Rule 120.00)

The function of the Mozambique Initiative Committee is to provide oversight and coordination for the partnership of ministry between The United Methodist Churches of Mozambique and Missouri.
(Membership: 10)

Featured Team Member: Liz Calvin

Liz is a lay member of New Horizons UMC in St. Louis, a recently merged congregation of the former Asbury and Samaritan UMCs. She is a member of the church’s leadership council and an active member of United Women in Faith.

Why serve on the Mozambique Initiative Committee?

Mozambique Initiative of MOAC is the Conference committee I’ve been serving on for about three years. I’m a member of New Horizons UMC in St. Louis, and MI is a mission commitment that we’ve continued to support as a local church. Several members have visited Mozambique in the past. While working as a staff at the General Board of Global Ministries, I had also visited Mozambique with a particular interest in women’s and children’s ministries.

What does the MI Committee do?

MI works with the in-country Conference leadership Ezequiel Marcos Nhantumbo and Bishop Joaquina Filipe Nhanala to discern where we can be supportive. Presently, we support solar wells, mobile health clinics, hand washing stations and other initiatives, such as providing economic opportunities for girls and women.

What might surprise clergy and laity in the Missouri Conference about serving on this board, council, committee or team?

This committee is a good resource for those wanting to engage in an international ministry and are looking for resources to share with their local church.

Why does the work on this board, committee, council or team matter?

This committee makes a direct link to the global connections that the United Methodist Church has had for many decades and continues to have as the Church strengthens the meaning of a connectional Church with partners around the world.

Why should clergy and laity consider nominating themselves for service beyond the local church?

There is so much to learn and experience about the connectional UMC. It opens up a whole world beyond the local church and provides opportunities that you  may not know existed. We are a connectional and historical Church that is still following John Wesley, doing all we can, whenever and wherever we can, and continuing to do all the good we can.