Meet Our Leaders: Adrienne Ewell


For the next year, each month, we will feature a different Conference board, committee or team by highlighting a member and their connectional experience of serving beyond the local church.

Annual Conference Sessions Committee
(Missouri Standing Rule 111.00)

The function of the Annual Conference Sessions Committee is to plan annual sessions of the Annual Conference. Those elected to the committee will be recruited for specific tasks related to the planning and implementation of the session.
(Membership: 8 plus ex-officio members: Bishop, Director of Connectional Ministries, two District Superintendents, Treasurer, Lay Ministries Team representative, Registrar, Sessions Parliamentarian, Conference Secretary and a worship leader.)

Rev. Adrienne Denson Ewell

Adrienne Denson Ewell is an ordained elder and lead pastor of Red Bridge United Methodist Church in Kansas City. She has a heart for the kingdom of God and has faith that loves and does justice. Adrienne has been a member of the Sessions team since 2017 and began chairing the team in 2022.

What does the Sessions Team do?

The Sessions Team helps bring the bishop’s vision for Annual Conference to life. Alongside Conference staff, we help plan and coordinate the details of our yearly gathering by curating worship, providing technical support and offering radical hospitality.

What do you enjoy about serving on this team?

I enjoy meeting and getting to know clergy and laity from all over the state. Serving on the Sessions Team has helped me make  friends and has allowed me to learn from and with my colleagues.

While serving on the Sessions Team is a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun! Meetings are filled with laughter and camaraderie.

What do you wish others knew about serving beyond the local church on a Conference team?

I wish others knew that serving beyond the local church is a gift; it’s a way to lean into our connectionalism, meet new friends, grow in our leadership skills, and give back to others! By nominating yourself, you get the pleasure of serving, strengthening our Conference, and being part of something bigger than your local church and community.

Members to Missouri Conference leadership (i.e., boards, committees, teams, council and work areas) are nominated on a quadrennial basis (four-year terms) by the Nominations Committee. We rely on your nominations to fill Conference leadership positions. To learn more about the nomination process or to make a nomination, visit