Love and ... Gift Annuities


On paper, Deane and Fancine Thompson might not seem to have a lot in common.  She grew up in University City in St. Louis; he grew up on a farm in Indiana.  He is an engineer and number-cruncher by training; she is a creative designer and seller of jewelry.  She is Jewish, and he is United Methodist.  
Together, however, they are a dynamic partnership with deeply shared values of love, family, service, and generosity.  They remain active and supportive of each other’s faith communities in St. Louis, and that includes the use of a planned gift arrangement known as a charitable gift annuity.     
“Back in 2007, our Fidelity Investments advisors suggested we needed more fixed income in our retirement plan,” explains Deane.  “They suggested an income annuity, but at about the same time we learned about charitable gift annuities, and our advisors encouraged us to pursue that option also.”  
“In addition to providing us a steady stream of income with tax advantages, we also wanted to give to Kirkwood United Methodist Church and United Hebrew Congregation,” states Deane.  The Thompsons then worked with the Missouri United Methodist Foundation and the United Hebrew Congregation to create two identical gift annuities – one for Deane benefiting his church and one for Fancine benefiting her synagogue.  
“We didn't know in 2007 that a financial crisis would come in 2008, but our timing was fortunate,” explains Deane.  “Funds we held personally were vulnerable to the downturn, but the funds put into the annuities were safe.  The quarterly payments we receive are a valuable and reliable part of our retirement income.”
Both of the Thompsons have vivid memories of their parents teaching them about generosity and support for their faith communities at very young ages. Today, they are supportive and active within each other’s respective small groups, Deane has served on the Kirkwood UMC Endowment Committee, and recently they both volunteered their time and expertise on the capital campaign committee at Fancine’s synagogue.      
And so, the talents multiply and blessings abound.  To learn more about creating your own gift annuity for your favorite ministry, contact the Foundation at 800-332-8238.