Living in the Present

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One day several years ago, I sat in a yoga class in the winter. It was cold and gray, and winter was not my favorite time of year. But the teacher encouraged us to appreciate the season we were in. She remarked that we often frame our conversations around the weather and always seem to be wishing it was different – in the summer, it’s too hot. In the winter it’s too cold. But spending our lives wishing the weather was different was a way of living in the past or the future and missing out on all the present blessings. 

So, I’ve been trying to enjoy the season I’m in and not wish it away. I’ve added some practices to my life that allow me to be glad about the winter – sitting near the fire, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, and getting out a couple of sweaters I love wearing. They’re simple things, but they bring me joy in a season that’s hard for me.

I’m wondering if perhaps this also applies to other areas of our lives, and I’ve been asking myself these questions:
  • What things am I wishing were different?
  • How is this season of my life too hot or too cold?
  • How would embracing the present in all its discomfort and joy look?
  • How might I reorient myself to the blessings of the present moment?
  • What spiritual practices might I adopt that would be right for “now”?
  • What fires should I light, and what cups should I fill or empty?
  • What clothing might I put on for this season in my life?

I’m reminded that, as in Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. 

I’m finding comfort in embracing the seasons I’m in. I’m learning to cozy up to my disappointment and grief when those seasons arrive and rejoice when the seasons shift to joy and peace. 

May you experience the blessings of each new season in your life, and most of all, know that God is walking with you in each moment you face.