Liturgy of the Soul


By Jim Downing

We are the people of the “warm heart” experience. 

Wesley’s hope was that we would not grow cold to the truth, love and work of God in our lives. One way we stay the course and keep the faith is to conference together. Converge is about coming to a place to encounter with God. We are never the same when we enter God’s presence, see God’s beauty and open ourselves to the touch of God. For some that means healing and/or forgiveness. For others it is the sheer joy in knowing they are loved. And still others are warmed by the truth that God is not only with us but for us.
Whether you are just starting out in ministry or are a seasoned pastor, we can be energized by the life-giving Holy Spirit of God, and many times God shows up when the “twos and threes” are gathered in His name to encounter God in their midst. Don’t go it alone. You don’t have to ... and we shouldn’t want to! Converge is a shared experience. Where our faith can be renewed and refreshed. Full-time and part-time local pastors, elders, deacons, ministry staff and pastors from other denominations enjoyed the Converge experience.
Burned out or blessed, Converge offers a place for pastors to get charged up through the powerful love of Jesus. Fall in love all over again with the One who has placed a calling upon your life. Long before we became a part of a “system” a Savior encountered us, called us and even now, wants to be in relationship with us. Converge could be just “one more thing” to add to your already busy life ... or God could use it to be the one thing which encourages, strengthens and blesses you. Let’s be on a collision course with God.

This year Converge was held in Sedalia at First United Methodist Celebration Center and 153 people attended. Read about the highlights here: