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INM Giving Tops $1 Million


By Pamela Dilmore

The report from Imagine No Malaria given by Jill Wondel and Jennifer Long, Coordinators of the Imagine No Malaria campaign, was essentially an expression of gratitude. The opening video noted that the number of deaths from malaria has been cut in half since 2010. The gifts of treated mosquito nets, health campaigns, and education programs are critical resources that have made a difference. They reported a number of extraordinary and passionate UMC responses. 
One of these came from the WOW event. Youth gave “wadded up” dollar bills at the event that helped save 2,000 lives. Such responses help people with names, faces, and families and turn mourning into joy.  At the time of the report, new nets were being distributed in Sierra Leone. The vision of Imagine No Malaria is no deaths from malaria, a preventable disease. 
The report culminated with an offering and with a prayer from  Bishop Ann Sherer. Bishop Sherer began her prayer with a poignant memory of a trip to Mozambique. She took pictures of her guide’s child, and when she brought the pictures to him on a second trip, learned that his child had died from Malaria. She prayed for children, for efforts to offer healing, and for the offering. At the end of the business session, Bishop Schnase reported that offerings for Imagine No Malaria now stand at $1,120,000.