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Important Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy Update – B.S.A. or Omni Agent Solutions packets


Over the last several months, the Office of Finance and Administrative Ministries and Rev. Nate Berneking issued several statements with respect to the Boy Scouts of America.

Most recently, the B.S.A.’s Bankruptcy proceedings have entered into a final phase with a proposed plan for restructuring and settlement of all of the claims brought by alleged victims of abuse. That proposed settlement does provide some relief for chartering organizations, though not to the extent hoped. As further issues arise, the Office of Finance and Administrative Ministries will provide further guidance.

This statement is intended to settle one pressing question. Churches that ever in their history chartered a Boy Scout, Cub Scout or Explorer Troop very likely received a packet from a company called “Omni Agent Solutions.” That packet was issued by the B.S.A. as part of the Bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition, per our instructions, 79 Missouri United Methodist Churches filed a proof of claim with the Bankruptcy Court in October of 2020. Those churches received a packet that included a ballot and a document called an “opt out form.”

Those 79 churches should have received notice from their District Superintendent and District Office about the need for a charge conference to approve the vote they will be entitled to cast.

If you have not received that charge conference notice, there is no need to worry. Simply retain any packet received from the B.S.A. or Omni Agent Solutions. No further action is needed at this time. If you did not receive a packet, again, there is no need to worry. This statement simply does not apply to your church.

Finally, we are not yet prepared to issue guidance on the future of chartering troops. For now, the guidance issued in September, still applies. If your church has confirmed that its insurance coverage extends to both on-site and off-site scouting activities, and the church has trusted leaders involved in troop activities, you can simply allow the current charter to automatically extend to March 31, 2022. If one or both of these requirements are not in place, we still advise the end of the charter and extension of a Facilities Use Agreement to a troop chartered in some other way. This will be updated as new developments emerge.